Skin Type Analysis


Knowing your skin type is an essential aspect of skin care that is of great importance, if you wish to make the right choices regarding the use of common skin care products and treatments.  Since the skin is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, you ought to make sure that you are using soaps, lotions and creams that best suit your skins needs and requirements.  The initial type and characteristic of your skin is determined genetically; therefore you are born with it.  Skin type analysis is therefore important if you wish to provide adequate nourishment to cater for your specific skin type needs.


As much as your skin type is genetically determined, in your later life, the beauty and health of your skin is largely depended on the kinds of foods you eat and generally how well you take care of yourself.  To ensure you look great, even in your later years, it is important to carry out a proper Skin Type Analysis so as to determine what type of skin you have and therefore get to know what kind of lotions, creams and skin treatments are best suited for you.  Skin care and skin care treatment products are not just important for mature or aged skin,  but rather for everyone who wants to keep their skin looking as healthy as possible.


Generally, there are five main skin types of people across the world today. These are normal, oily, dry, sensitive and combination types.  Each of these skin types has some basic characteristics and therefore requires specific care and routine treatment.  It is only through a proper Skin Type Analysis that you will be able to determine your skin type and therefore determine the kind of treatments and skin care products that are best suited for you.


The main reason why a thorough Skin Type Analysis is important is because naturally to everyone, their skin looks rather normal. This is generally the state of affairs until the skin starts to develop problematic issues and complications as a result of a lack of appropriate skin type treatment.   Since there are many skin types and many people in various parts of the world, everyone belongs to a certain skin category.  If you do a proper Skin Type Analysis, you will be able to accurately determine the kinds of treatments you should use for your skin, the kind of products you can apply on it and also how you can achieve that perfect skin.


Here are some of the steps to go through during a Skin Type Analysis so as to best be able to understand your skin type:


a)     First of all, you will need to wash your face. You can wash your face using a gentle cleanser and then pat it dry.  Make sure you remove any residual make-up from your face during this time. As you clean your face, you need to make sure you clean away all the oils which might have accumulated on the surface of the skin during the day to give your skin a perfect start.  However, don’t over wash, as you might end up hurting or irritating the skin as you go about the Skin Type Analysis.




b) Wait for an hour for the skin to dry up. It is during this time that your skin will be able to revert to its natural state. You will most definitely get a glimpse of your skin type once the skin is back to its usual state.   Act normally but make sure you don’t touch your face.




c) Dab your face using a tissue. When you are doing this, you are advised to pay attention to the t-zone which is between the forehead and the nose.




d) Determine your skin type from your observations.  Normal skin does not show any oil or flaky skin; it should feel smooth and supple.  If you have such a skin type, consider yourself lucky.  Oily skin on the other hand is generally characterized by grease in the tissue.


Dry skin feels rather taut or even exhibits some flaky or dead skin on it.  It is commonly associated with tiny pores. You should always keep your skin moisturized if you fall under this category. Last but not least, when you are doing a Skin Type Analysis, you may discover that your skin falls under the combination category.  Just as the term suggests, this type of skin exhibits the characteristics a combination of the above types.




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